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GRCh. Ch. Magic Castle's Gamekeeper at Saphire

Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club, July 6, 2012.

Thank you Mrs.Lydia Coleman Hutchinson.

We are told he is the 1st CORDED Standard Poodle Grand Champion.

We plan a repeat breeding of the Parker - Dazzle litter soon.

Einstein at 10 (still fine at 15 1/2)







About Us

Welcome to Barcole Standard Poodles. I am RainBear. Yes, that's my real name. My husband Tom and I live in Lititz, PA, about an hour east of Harrisburg. Our children and our dogs have always been our main joys. Dogs have been a part of my life forever. I grew up with my father's German Shepherd Dogs. He also did boarding and grooming. I will admit a great deal has changed in dogs since the 50's. Boarding and grooming were not what they are today and most of the change is for the better.

All puppies sold as pets must be spayed or neutered. Pet and show puppies are occasionally available. Puppies are raised in our home in Eastern Pennsylvania, with family and friends. Frequent trip to my salon also gets them accustomed to vehicle rides, new noises and social stimulation. Our desire at Barcole is always on healthy, well socialized dogs and puppies.

Even as a very young child all I wanted was to brush the dogs. I was also thrilled at how easy it was to train my Dad's intelligent dogs. This combination of wanting to groom and be with intelligent dogs led me to the Standard Poodle. There have been other breeds in between (mainly Labs) all with a purpose for learning and working within the confines of raising children and traveling as a military family. I always longed for a Standard Poodle especially after raising and finishing a beautiful silver mini for a friend in the 70's.
We have never produced many litters. We strive for breeding excellence in type, soundness, temperament, health and intelligence. Over the years our dogs have brought happiness and pleasure as treasured, beloved pets and sound and exciting dogs in the show ring.

I have been a professional groomer since 1960 and own Ears to Rears Dog Salon in Lititz, Pennsylvania. We offer all breed grooming with our specialities being Poodles, all corded breeds, Cotons, Bichon, all terriers, and coated breeds and mixes.

It is true that Standard Poodles neither shed nor have dog odor but they do require a great deal of grooming. People interested in the breed must be willing to take on the commitment of having their dog groomed every three to five weeks. Along with a great home and quality food, this will ensure your dog's full potential for health and beauty.


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